Capstone Strategic Project

Real-life situation

Between Years 2 and 3, you will have an important opportunity to address an initiative within your own organization. The Capstone is the culminating component of the Stonier experience, and often has a career-changing impact. The Capstone requirements are slightly different depending on the type of organization where students are employed. The three options include: 1) Banker Capstone, 2) Regulatory Capstone, 3) Bank Services Capstone. All three Capstone options require a written final report as well as a face-to-face presentation to fellow students and a senior industry advisor. Milestones include:
  • Examining how the change will fit with overall organizational strategy.
  • Analyzing the financial and non-financial impact of the change.
  • Presenting an implementation plan.
  • Assessing potential implementation problems and steps to overcome them.

Support and feedback

You will be assigned a Capstone advisor to serve as your mentor throughout the project to help you achieve optimum results. You will also receive a guide to “Writing Your Capstone,” a helpful tool to walk you through the process. During the school session, you present your Capstone Strategic Project to a team of peers and an industry practitioner serving as a Capstone facilitator, and receive constructive feedback to help with future presentations and implementation.

Banker Capstone

Students completing the Banker Capstone select a problem or opportunity facing their bank and propose a course of action, including an analysis of alternatives, a financial analysis, and an implementation plan. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, new investments in fixed assets or technology, new products or delivery systems, organizational restructurings, or significant strategic change initiatives.

Regulatory Capstone and Bank Services Capstone

Employees of regulatory agencies or bank services organizations complete the project appropriate for their organization. Both projects require that students select a research project relevant to the banking industry. You will identify a significant issue or problem involving bank performance, risk management, or the role of banking regulation and supervision as your research topic. You will then assemble financial and/or economic data and carry out a statistical analysis. Your project will conclude with a presentation of the findings and conclusions, and recommendations that might follow from the research.

Capstone Project samples

The following samples are for illustrative purposes only. Click the title to view PDF versions of Capstone Strategic Projects:
Year Title Author
2016 Tackling the Tenacious Efficiency Ratio Anonymous
2016 A Bank-Wide Intranet:  A Smart Solution Leanne Antonio
2016 Striking a Balance: Achieving Appropriate Regulation of Overdraft Programs Troy J. Bressette
2016 Attracting New Customers and Deepening Single Service Customer Relationships in the World of Technology Lena C. Buteau
2016 Celebrating the Past, Living the Present, Preparing for the Future:  Succession and Transition Plan Anthony J. Delmonte, Jr.
2016 Muncy Insurance Services:  A Better BANK for Your Buck Jason A. Fischer
2016 Improving the Commercial Loan Process Jay Forrester
2016 Creating a Road Map for Successful Expansion Jason C. Hicks
2016 Analysis and Implementation of Loan Pricing and Relationship Profitability Model Benjamin T. Horne IV
2016 Strategies For Continued Growth Hans H. Johannsen
2016 The Community Bank Challenge Maintaining the Community Bank Culture While Positioning for Growth Karen M. Kelly
2016 The Case for Business Intelligence Gwen Lee
2016 Introduction of Wealth Management Services Gerardina Mirtuono
2016 Traditional to Universal:  The Evolution of the Community Bank Branch Model to the Universal Banker Model Hope E. Pearson
2016 The Case for Taking Consumer Loan Applications Online at Ephrata National Bank Craig Rodenberger
2016 Banking the UnBanked:  The History and Future of Dollar Bank’s Leadership in Providing Financial Services to the Underserved Morton D. Stanfield, Jr.
2016 Developing & Implementing A Cash Management Program Mark Thompson
2016 Considering Branch Expansion into a New State Coupled with Branch Consolidation Susan E. Trimble
2016 Growth and Expansion Initiative:  New Market Entry via Establishment of a Corporate Loan Production Office Brian E. Waychoff
  “Click for more Capstone Strategic Project Samples”.
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