Diverse student base

Stonier provides the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals from across the country and around the world. Attendees represent a cross-section of firms that span community, regional, money center, and international banks as well as regulators. In addition, the school draws students from many different functional areas such as senior-level management, financial analysts, bank examiners, bank directors, and more. All attendees are committed to taking their skills to the next level to advance their organization and their career.


Lasting connections

A special social networking site is used to post news and related information for each of the three school years, and enables you to easily contact other students to plan meetings and share ideas.

In addition, an alumni site provides the added benefit of being able to connect with Stonier graduates long after your program has finished. Alumni can describe how they are handling both strategic and tactical issues in their work environment, and ask for comments and suggestions.

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