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Did you know that Stonier is the nation’s original graduate school? Founded by Dr. Harold Stonier, the school has been setting the bar in executive education since 1935.  Today, students learn from more than 100 faculty members and capstone advisors.  This rich history and body of leadership add up to the most prestigious education program in the banking industry.

About Dr. Harold Stonier

Dr. Harold Stonier was a renowned educator and ABA executive widely respected for his innovation and leadership. He helped create the first ABA graduate-level school of banking in 1935 at a time when our country was coming out of the worst economic downturn in its history. Much like today, there was a critical need to ready attendees for the changes that lay ahead by providing the management and stewardship skills needed for success.

When the ABA merged with America’s Community Bankers (ACB) in 2007 each organization had its own highly respected graduate-level program. The schools were combined and evolved into today’s ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

Celebrating Over 80 Years of Excellence

As our industry is being reshaped by market forces, we have reshaped our curriculum to address today’s industry needs under the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking (“Stonier”). The Stonier name reflects the innovation and leadership Dr. Harold Stonier brought to our industry during a similar period of rapid change.

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Only Stonier graduates receive both a Stonier Diploma and a Wharton leadership Certificate.
Questions? Contact Stonier Program Director Perette Bonner. Call 1-800-BANKERS.